Get 30 (29) days when flying in. Can be extended to 60 days.

Seems to be no restriction on multiple entries.

Visa form: http://thaiembassyuk.org.uk/?q=node/401



Get 15 days crossing by land from Thailand or buy a 30 day Visa in advance.


No Visa needed for stays upto 15 days (ends 30th June 2016). The safest option is to get a visa from the Vietnamese Embassy before you travel. If you plan to leave Vietnam and re-enter from another country make sure you get a multiple visit visa.

  • can get 30 to 90 day visas but must be bought in advance: http://vietnamembassy.org.uk/index.php?action=p&ct=Consular%20Services%20for%20UK%20residents
  • can get a 30 to 90 day visa from a vietnamese consulate in Cambodia: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/vietnam/visas


Sounds fairly easy, can get a 30 day visa on arrival at the border. (only certain border crossing though)


Sounds quite difficult, need to plan well in advance, but can stay 28 days it seems cost around $50USD, no embassy in laos though:


Potential for trip

60 days in thailand (possibly can extend to 90) Vaild for 3 months costs £25 by post, takes 3-5 working days
30 days in cambodia (can be extended all the time) if we’re flying into Phnom Penh airport can get a 30 day visa for $30 can be extended for a further 30 days
1-3 months in Vietnam price of vietnam visa in cambodia is half what they cost from here. 1 month costs: $40-50 3 month: $60-70 Lucky! Lucky! Motorcycle Shop http://www.travbuddy.com/Cina-Travel-v192282
30 days in Laos can be used within three months of being issued. costs $35 can be extended twice in Vientiane
30 days in thailand Think we apply for a 30 day visa exempt thing
28 days myanmar (online e-visa) 1-3 day waiting period, 1200 baht to 810 baht depending on how long we wait
30 days in thailand, think we can just get 30 day visa exempt thing again

                                                                                                                                                                         90 day free visa Malaysia




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